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Elektromontazas darbi

If you build a house or summer residence, repair or redesign your apartment, if you are in construction business   - you certainly will run into the question of providing electricity for your home and garden. We will help you to execute all types of electrical installations, taking into account all technical and safety norms and rules.


We use only certificated materials and up to date electrical installation equipment, which allows to save time, and guarantee high-quality result.


Applying professional knowledge of the electrical installations, special education and extensive experience, we offer the following spectrum of services:


·        Connection and repair of electro-shields

·        Relay protection and automatics installation

·        Installation of electric chimneys

·        Calculation of electric wiring for your electrical appliances and cable installations

·        Installation of electric plugs,  switches and their connection

·        Installation of low voltage appliances

·        Installation of earthing devices

·        Installation of lamps and internal illumination

·        Electric installation of domestic  equipment

·        Systems of break-free electricity supply for buildings

·        Lighting management

·        Electric installation and replacement of lighting and electric equipment

·        Prophylactic service,  electric installation consultations


A cost and time limits for any service is agreed separately depending on the job difficulty, its volume and your location.

Please not that it is making any changes in the electric wiring must be previously confirmed with organization, which is servicing the building.